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The Martin Luther King Celebration Committee is proud to continue our work honoring Dr. King's holiday. The activities surrounding this celebration continue to be an important educational and community building event here in Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina. While we have a wonderful parade commemorating his life, legacy, and birthday, we are now convinceconvinced and committed to extending that celebration into a week of motivational events to raise self-awareness and motivate our community. In our effort to move forward with pride, dignity, and awareness of our history and a new hope for our future, the MLK, Jr. Parade committee has chosen Historic downtown Wilmington for our new parade venue.


In an effort to expand the celebration to a level that will stretch beyond the annual parade, we are requesting sponsorship from individuals, organizations and businesses that will share in our vision for this great holiday. Please consider becoming one of our major level sponsors and share with us in this commemorative event. Show your support by selecting one of the levels displayed in the sponsorship application below. In an effort to maximize your sponsorship dollars, and allow us to publicize your donation via internet and/or printed media please send your check or money order to the organization’s address at: P.O. box 1271 Wilmington, NC 28402. Thank you in advance for you support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 910-763-4138. We may also be reached by fax at 910-343-1862 and via email at: 


We are always in need of good volunteers. If you are interested in  becoming a member of our team of volunteers please contact us at 910-763 -4138

Parade Participant

We would be honored if your  business or organization would participate in this commemorative event  held in Historic Downtown Wilmington’s Central Business District (CBD).   your participation and support would be greatly  appreciated.  A registration application form for you to complete and submit to the  M.L.K., Jr. Parade Committee now can be accessed below. Please note,the  registration includes a fee of $100.00 per unit. All public educational  institutions, Federal, State, City and County agencies will be exempt from  application fee. It is very important that we receive all registration  applications in a timely manner. Only the first 150 applicants will be  considered for parade participation. 

This parade will feature floats , marching bands, horse riders, drill teams,  clowns, motor bikes, go-cars, fire departments, Federal, State, and local  elected officials, as well as many local businesses and organizations.


Your are invited to submit a vendor application for the Martin Luther King,  Jr. Day Parade held on Monday, January 16 2017.  Please note the parade/festival details and application requirements listed  below: 

· The parade will be held in Historic Downtown Wilmington’s Central  Business District (CBD).  

· Vending locations will be available along the parade route.

· Only a limited number of food vendors will be accepted in order to  insure minimal duplication of products being offered.

· Registration fee is $200.00.

· Vendor application fees are non-refundable after committee approval.

· Spaces are 20’ across and 15’ deep.  Additional footage will be calculated at  $10.00 per foot.

· You must provide you own electricity, water and gray water  disposal.

· You must provide a food-grade water hose; three-way hose  connector and back flow preventer.  

·You will be responsible for contacting the New Hanover County  Environmental health Department to obtain a Temporary Food  Stand Permit.

· This permit must be applied for 14 days prior to the event.

· Without prior NHC Environmental Health Department approval,  all food vendorswill be asked to cease operation.

The committee welcomes your application and will consider each business.  You will receive acceptance/space assignment or denial via mail.

Arts & Crafts

You are invited to submit an application for the Martin Luther King,  Jr. Day Parade.  We would be honored  to have your organization participate in our community event to celebrate  Martin Luther King Day.

Please note the parade/festival details and application requirements listed  below:

• The parade will be held in Historic Downtown Wilmington’s Central  Business District (CBD). The parade will begin at 11:00.

• Registration fee is $100.00 per booth.  Fees are  non-refundable after committee approval.

• Spaces are 12’ across and 12’ deep. Each additional foot will be $10. 

• The committee will consider each application. You will receive  acceptance or denial, by mail.

Online Parade Registration Form